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Zundark The official name for Czechia is really Czech Republic, but this goes perhaps only in statesmanly relations. Here (in our articles) we can use Czechia instead of Czech Republic. In my native Slovene (language) we always use Czechia, so I use it in my contributions to the articles. We are not diplomatists, we are just wikipedians, or are we not? Please do not rearange the whole Europe as you wish. :-)
XJam 3 Wednesday [2002.02.27] (0)


This is the English Wikipedia. In English the country is called the Czech Republic - there is no short form, and no such word as "Czechia". Please do not rearrange the English language as you wish. --Zundark, 2002 Feb 27
Please see . I do not want to rearange anything. All what raids me is just my ignorance on English language. The whole world should call one country the same don't you think. I just gave you the example from Slovene (Češka). We never say (Češka republika). The same is I suppose with Russia and Rusian Federation. But I think that Russian term in Latin transcription Rossiya means both of them. But I am tired of these kind of conversations. We can debate of these names to the end of the year [] or the begining of the next millenium. --XJam 3 Wednesday [2002.02.27] (1st-2nd ed.)
Chechia is just my typed mistake.

Hmm... The domain is registered to Tucows, Inc., not exactly a noted authority on such matters. The [official English-language site of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs] does not use the word Czechia anywhere (except in "KPNQwest Czechia", which is the name of a particular organization). The [CIA World Factbook] lists "Czech Republic" as the short form of "Czech Republic". In any case, "Czechia" is not used in practice. Look at any list of countries in English, and you will see "Czech Republic", not "Czechia". --Zundark, 2002 Feb 27

Yes OK. Let it be as you want. Until another goverment of the new country would say different. But why are these domains as *.org and *.cz. Aren't domains *.org of some kind of goverment organisations too? Or it should be *.gov. Who governs here with domains? (I have just changed a wrong typed word to reffer on its term, sorry mon...)
                  Rasta don't work for no CIA (Robert Nesta Marley)
--XJam 3 Wednesday [2002.02.27] (3rd ed.)

Anyone can register .org domains. The relevant Czech authority (Cz.NIC) administers .cz domains. For historical reasons, .gov is only used by the US government - there has been some talk of them moving to, but this won't happen any time soon. See top-level domain for general information on top-level domains. (We have no article on Bob Marley - why don't you write one?) --Zundark, 2002 Feb 27

Zundark I've learned from here and from your sayings something about my own native language. Yes, I have found one contradictory fact of what I was speaking about. We use, generaly speaking, term republic in this case for South African Republic (Slovene = Južnoafriška republika) ever since apartheid was moved from that country. Before that we were just speakeing about South Africa (= Južna Afrika) but better it would be Rhodesia (= Rodezija), which was once known as a British possession in South Africa.

I've figured it out why we don't want to use term republic - perhaps just because Slovenia was once from 1943 to 1991 former republic of Yugoslavia and her State status was a little bit subordinate. In Austro - Hungary till 1918 was even worse, where there was no signs of any Slovene nation. From 1918 to 1943 her status was perhaps only known to 28th American president Woodrow Wilson, (as I am informed - don't catch me for every word), who created his own State frontiers in some parts of Europe, where after 1st World War Slovene nation and Slovenia lost a lot of its national territory, if we just mention here most important ones: the Gulf of Trieste (= Tržaški zaliv) (now in Italy), Primorska, the maritime province of (present) Slovenia (= Primorska) (Primorska, was joined back to her motherland in 1945) and an abundant amount of (Austrian) Carinthia (= Avstrijska Koroška , German = Kärnten ) (now in Austria). But anyway, history is repeating itself even today on frontier problem with Croatia (= Hrvaška) in gulf of Piran. And futhermore Austria is claiming up on Slovenia to notice its own State origin sanguinary made 1943 at Jajce (now in Bosnia and Herzegovina (= Bosna in Hercegovina) in the 2nd World War.
XJam 3 Wednesday [2002.02.27] (4th ed.)

I mean excpecially Woodrow's points IX., X. and even XI. Is this some kind of political butterfly effect for a small nation with a huge consequences. See more all around:
-Woodrow's 14 points speech in the American Congress
XJam 3 Wednesday [2002.02.27] (5th ed.)

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