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Suburbs should be located at "Suburb, Australian Capital Territory" naming guide. I think it is also a good idea to make sure that the article at "Suburb" is either a redirect to "Suburb, Australian Capital Territory" or a disambiguation page.


The minimum requirements for an article to be considered Complete are:

  • Canberra Suburb InfoBox
  • An explanation of the suburb's location.
  • A history of the area, including (at a bare minimum) how it was created and when. (maybe not relevant to many Canberra Suburbs)
  • An explanation of the suburb's name.

For an article to be considered Detailed it must be of high quality. It must have all the attributes of a featured article (this means a good lead section, excellent prose, etc), and must also have the following information:

  • A map, showing where the suburb is located in Canberra. (should be included in the infobox with the option of creating more detailed maps for the suburb elsewhere in the article)
  • Population statistics (can be found from the Bureau of Statistics Office). Tip: The ABS website is a very hard to navigate - so to find the right document, search Google for POA2234 (replace "2234" with the right postcode for your suburb). Then you can either download the data for AUS$10, or the ABS site will let you download it for free if the computer you are using is in a University or a library.
using this Australian Bureau of Statistics page you can navigate to free statistical local area information. For example, snapshot of Red Hill. You can compare your suburb with Canberra figures.
  • Transport information (In canberra this is mainly ACTION buses, though there is a train station and airport).
  • Information about local events (e.g. community festivals, council-organised events, etc) Not particularly relevant for Canberra suburbs.
  • Information about local landmarks, along with pictures of these landmarks.
  • A more complete section on the suburb's history (e.g. notable historical events, times when the suburb grew quickly, etc).
  • Notable citizens who were born or lived in the suburb (optional, but if they existed then they should be in the article). Tip: they only need to be in list form, together with less than 20 words saying who they were.
  • A reference section. All facts need to be attributable to an external source of information (say a newspaper report/cutting, book about the town, website or local council document).
  • Information about any prominent local organisations (churches, historical societies, local clubs, etc).
  • Additional gold stars go to anyone who researches the area and puts in a section detailing the past aboriginal culture of the area.
  • Politics (local issues, what federal electorate the suburb is in, is it a safe Labor seat/safe Libs seat/marginal seat).

Don't let this hold you back, however! If you have more information than what is on this page then please, by all means add it! Also, if you only have a bit of information about the suburb, then please add it to the page and use the template below to mark it as a suburb stub.


The template Canberra-geo-stub has been created to be used as a specific stub tag for Canberra (and ACT) geographic stubs. It will also include the suburb in Category:Australian Capital Territory geography stubs.

To mark a Canberra geography or suburb article as a stub simply add the following text at the end of the article:

NOTE: {{Canberra-geo-stub}} and the associated Category:Australian Capital Territory geography stubs are both intended to cover any geographic article in the Australian Capital Territory (not just Canberra).

Also see {{Infobox Australian place}} further down the page


The category Category:Suburbs of Canberra should be added to all Canberra suburb articles.

To add a Canberra suburb article to the Suburbs of Canberra category add following text at the end of the article:

[[Category:Suburbs of Canberra]]

Districts should be placed in Category:Districts of Canberra.

and other urban places such as town centres and group centres should be included in Category:Canberra urban places.

Suburb InfoBox[edit]

The suburb neighbours/navigation box has been replaced by the new {{Infobox Australian place}} InfoBox.

Suitable maps are available for Canberra suburbs from User:Martyman/My Images/Suburb Infobox Maps.

Example of Usage[edit]

{{Infobox Australian place | type = suburb
| name     = 
| city     = 
| state    = 
| image    = 
| caption  = 
| lga      = 
| postcode = 
| pop      = 
| area     = 
| stategov = 
| fedgov   = 
| near-nw  = 
| near-n   = 
| near-ne  = 
| near-w   = 
| near-e   = 
| near-sw  = 
| near-s   = 
| near-se  = 
| dist1    = 
| location1= 

List of completed suburbs[edit]

(to be complete it needs at least location, history, name explanation as set out in Requirements )

List of completed and detailed suburbs[edit]